How do you store your makeup brushes?

I keep mine in clear glass tumblers with small, glass beads inside to keep the brushes more upright. — Christine Join Discussion … [Read more...]

What are your top three favorite winter fragrances?

Hard to narrow down to three, but… Tom Ford Amber Absolute, Tom Ford Plum Japaonais, and Maison Margiela Replica By the Fireplace. — Christine Join Discussion … [Read more...]

Have your fragrance interests expanded more into home scents this year?

I bought an AromaTech earlier this year because I love the idea of scenting my home but don’t like a lot of typical ways to do it (plug-ins, burning candles, melting waxes, sprays, etc.). It’s a nebulizing diffuser, which is a type I only learned about this year. I’ve actually been really... — Christine … [Read more...]

What makes you more willing to purchase a product at full price?

If I need it, if it’ll sell out, and/or it’s not a brand that usually goes on sale. In my case, I usually purchase when things launch, but if I don’t–say it’s an older product range or just one I knew I didn’t have time to review when it launched–I may wait until there’s a discount. — Christine … [Read more...]

What makes you more likely to wait for a product to go on sale to purchase it?

If it’s a brand that seems to go on sale regularly–like every other month or something like that–and isn’t a product I’d expect to sell out any time soon. I’ll also be more inclined to wait for a sale on staple products, since I can plan purchases so I’m never “without” (like a... — Christine … [Read more...]