MAC Medium Deep Flashing Ice Extra Dimension Skinfinish Trio Review & Swatches

Medium Deep MAC Medium Deep Flashing Ice Extra Dimension Skinfinish Trio ($39.50 for 0.31 oz.) is a new, limited edition trio of deeper highlighter tones designed for “medium-deep” skin tones. All three shades had semi-opaque to mostly opaque pigmentation, which could be built up or sheered out (or used with a lighter hand). The texture was smooth, blendable, and dense/firm … [Read more...]

MAC Once Bitten Ice Shy, Ice Ice Baby, #Snowfilter Lipsticks Reviews & Swatches

Once Bitten, Ice Shy MAC Once Bitten, Ice Shy Lipstick ($20.00 for 0.1 oz.) has a translucent base with flecks of silver and lavender pearl and micro-sparkle. It is described as “sheer” by the brand, which was apt. The texture was lightweight, thin, and had just enough emollience to apply comfortably, though I felt the texture of the larger sparkles slightly when I pressed my lips … [Read more...]

MAC Zenith/Can You Chill Dual-Ended Powerpoint Eye Pencil Review & Swatches

Zenith/Can You Chill MAC Zenith/Can You Chill Powerpoint Eye Pencil (Dual-Ended) ($20.00 for 0.04 oz.) contains a sparkling gray paired with a purplish, navy blue. If you’re someone who likes almost faded color on the lash line, this formula might work, but it just didn’t deliver even coverage, lacked pigmentation (and it was supposed to be pigmented!), and was not the most … [Read more...]

MAC Frosted Firework Extra Dimension Foiled Eyeshadows Reviews & Swatches

Sparktacular MAC Sparktacular Extra Dimension Foil Eye Shadow ($21.00 for 0.046 oz.) is a light, golden peach with strong, warm undertones and flecks of lighter gold and darker copper sparkle throughout. It had a particularly shiny and wet-looking finish. This shade was described as “sheer,” whereas the formula is, generally, described as “highly pigmented,” and it … [Read more...]

MAC Spark Joy, Break the Ice, Snow in Love Lipglasses Reviews & Swatches

Spark Joy MAC Spark Joy Lipglass ($19.00 for 0.1 oz.) has a translucent, nearly clear, base with flecks of silver and white pearl throughout. It had a high-shine, sparkling finish that was luminous and made my lips look plumper as the gloss didn’t emphasize my lip lines or lip texture. The gloss had a smooth, moderately tacky consistency that was plush, thicker than most glosses on the … [Read more...]